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PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites. Pay-per-click marketing delivers instant traffic and offers many ways to compliment existing SEO strategies

Available PPC management services

Below you’ll find a listing of the more common paid marketing services we provide. If you’re confused about what would work best for your business, we can advise on which platforms have shown the best ROI metrics within your specific industry. For most businesses, the best results are produced by using a combination of various online advertising methods.

Google Ads

PPC advertising delivers instant traffic by placing you at top positions on search engines. With Google accounting for two-thirds of all US searches, AdWords remains the most effective PPC advertising vehicle. It not only places your site in prominent view of searchers, but AdWords enrollment also provides you with the ability to test keywords, complementing your existing SEO strategies

Bing Ads

If 100% of the Internet doesn’t search exclusively on Google, why should your ad campaign be limited to it? Bing has a 20% market share of searches performed in the United States. Funnel Fox can get you started using Bing PPC services, or overhaul your current campaign. With ad creation, optimization, and management services, we can help you get the most out of your search advertising on Bing.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising presents a perfect complement to any search marketing campaign. With 1.01 billion daily active users and 894 million mobile daily active users, Facebook is the premier social media platform. It features a robust advertising platform that can help spread your message to a wide swath of people. Businesses can target Facebook users in two ways.

Remarketing Ads

Funnel Fox offers complete retargeting services, including campaign development and management services. Our expertise ensures that businesses spend their ad dollars on the users most likely to convert, rather than throwing mud at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Results For Growth

Being able to see the potential outcome of any situation will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. With Funnel Fox, we create and simulate professional lead & sales funnels, then test for optimal conversion and cost. 

What’s included in Funnel Fox professional PPC Management services?

Keyword Discovery and Selection

Ad Text Creation

Conversion Tracking

Call Tracking

Ad Submission

PPC Monitoring

PPC Cost Management

Campaign Improvement Modification

Competitive Research

Landing page development 

Keyword Discovery and Selection

Google analytics integration & goal tracking

Why Funnel Fox

We believe all websites and brands should not only represent your business in the most innovative and unique way possible, but also convert your visitors into new customers.

Get the most from your campaigns

Creating a plan, to find your ideal customers, then guide and nurturer them through their journey to purchasing or contacting you for your services.

Custom strategies for your business

PPC is a nice complement to SEO and it gets you quick conversions… now. Because it’s pay per click, you only pay for the search traffic that hits your landing page or website.

Campaigns managed by Funnel Fox

We take a funnel-oriented approach, meaning that we advertise and retarget ads to customers as they progress from awareness to purchase, AND to repurchase.

Customer match and audience match

Google changes its search algorithm all the time. We take a modern, Google-friendly approach to SEO that includes on-site optimization, content creation.

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