Strategic Planning & Digital Marketing to grow your Business.

We break down the customer journey from “awareness” to “purchase”.

We help businesses get new customers by targeting their ideal customer and staying there with Effective, Predictable and Scalable Digital Marketing.

Get in front of your customers 
What We Do
Digital marketing offers access to many different traffic channels. By presenting a consistent, compelling image of your brand via your website content, and advertising, we’ll help you make the most of every traffic channel and reach more customers.

Lead & Sales Funnel Creation

Getting traffic to your website is great, but only if a good portion of it turns into leads and customers. Our team will develop a marketing strategy to reach visitors. This strategy will allow us to drive more visitors to your website, nurture relationships, and convert them to buyers.

SEO & Online Marketing

We’ll analyze your current search engine rankings and your competitors’ SEO performance in your market. We will generate a list of relevant keywords. We’ll use the findings to develop the perfect strategy to increase your rankings and drive new visitors to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Every visitor who clicks on an ad is an investment. When these visitors aren’t suited to becoming your customers, they become poor investments. We combine geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors to serve ads to your ideal customers, making each investment more likely to pay off.

Web Design and Development

You have a vision; it’s our job to turn it into a reality. We’ll sit down with your team, listen to your ideas, and turn them into a beautiful website. You’ll get to watch as our design team creates your website. We won’t stop until your website expresses your personality just the way you want it to.

Why Funnel Fox
Funnel Fox uses a unique blend of digital and traditional research to uncover opportunities and help you understand your customers – Developing a marketing strategy and putting it into action are just the first steps. Our team acts, generates actionable data, and leverages those insights to make our marketing efforts more profitable. We use a combination of analytics and old-fashioned customer feedback to spot untapped opportunities and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Visual Diagrams of Marketing Funnels

A big tool of ours is being able to plan out the customer journey. We are able to visually see the steps the customer takes, while testing ad cost, ad budgets, conversion rates, and predict profit.

On-Going Customer Support

We don’t believe in gimmicks or short-term solutions. Our team excels at building meaningful relationships that translate into leads and customers regardless of changes in technology.

Optimized & Mobile Friendly

Our websites will match your vision and showcase your business in the most appealing way possible. Your website will be responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing easy access for visitors using PCs, tablets, or mobile devices.

Add credibility to your message

We help you understand your customers and the best way to connect with them. This holistic approach helps you get the most marketing bang for your buck.

Results For Growth
Being able to see the potential outcome of any situation will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. With Funnel Fox, we create and simulate professional lead & sales funnels, then test for optimal conversion and cost. 
How We Test
With Funnel Fox, we Simulate a funnel for your business that let's you see exactly the journey we create for your customers. With our approach, you will be able to see the potential profit of any sales, marketing or business idea BEFORE we create a landing page and before you buy traffic - which saves you time & money.
Plan Smarter: Save time & money
Simulate before we build
Discover your funnel's potential
Model all your business ideas
Digital Marketing Funnel Visual

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